Baby Formula can cause cavities, myth or fact?

We often hear that baby formula can cause cavities (dental caries) and can damage children's teeth. This assumption is certainly not wrong but becomes incorrect if baby formula consumption is stopped.

Baby formula and other dairy products such as cheese have high calcium and phosphorus content which are very necessary for the development of teeth and bones.

In addition, calcium and phosphorus can also improve and strengthen the structure of tooth enamel that begins to dissolve by acids produced by bacteria.

According to a recent study by Nutrition Australia, the baby formula also contains casein, a protein that forms a protective layer on the tooth surface. This layer will protect teeth from bacterial acid exposure so that children are prevented from cavities.

Does baby formula cause cavities?

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Baby formula can prevent cavities, but many consider milk to cause cavities. The presence of cavities is caused by the sugar content in the baby formula because bacteria will ferment sugar into acids. However, the fermentation process requires a long time so the teeth will not actually have cavities if routinely cleaned or at a minimum rinsed by water after drinking baby formula

Baby formula can cause cavities if milk is taken just before going to sleep and then not cleaned. That causes teeth exposed to sugar for a long time. This term is known as nursing caries or bottle caries.

Bottle caries starts from the upper front teeth first, then almost all the teeth except the lower front teeth because they are protected by the tongue when baby formula enters the mouth.

Protection of cavities can be done by brushing your teeth with toothpaste at least twice a day on a regular basis ie after breakfast and before going to bed.

Some toothpaste manufacturers even add milk content in toothpaste because of the superiority of milk to prevent cavities.

Checking with the dentist also plays an important role because teeth that are already cavities should be cleaned and patched to prevent further damage.

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