Health Problems Due to Smoking

Smoking is now a common thing that we can find easily in our daily lives. Especially in developing countries, we can find smokers wherever we are; on the streets, and in public spaces. Whether young or old, adults or children, men or women, they smoke cigarettes with pleasure. This smoking activity is carried out in various locations even in places that are clearly prohibited to be carried out such as in public transportation and in air-conditioned buildings.

Health Problems Due to Smoking

Health Problems Due to Smoking
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To always refresh our memories of the dangers of smoking, we will discuss one by one the health problems arising from smoking activities

Hair loss

The toxin content in cigarette smoke weakens the immune system collapses, so the body is more susceptible to diseases such as lupus erythematosus which causes hair loss.


Cataract, a disease in which the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, and prevents the entry of light in the eye so that people with cataracts experience vision problems. As many as 40% of cases of cataracts contributed by smokers. Cigarettes can cause cataracts by irritating the eyes with the release of chemicals in the lungs that are carried by the bloodstream to the eye.

Wrinkle skin

Smoking can cause premature aging of the skin due to damage to proteins that are useful for maintaining skin elasticity, erosion of vitamin A, and obstruction of blood flow. Smoker's skin becomes dry and wrinkled, especially in the area of ​​the lips and eyes.

Skin cancer

Smoking does not cause melanoma, but smoking can cause an increase in the likelihood of death from the disease. It is suspected that smokers are at risk of suffering from cutaneous squamous cell cancer, a type of cancer that leaves patches on the skin.

Hearing Loss

Tobacco causes sedimentation in the walls of blood vessels, thereby inhibiting the rate of blood flow into the inner ear. Smokers can lose earlier than nonsmokers or lose hearing more easily because of a hearing infection.


Carbon monoxide, which is a toxic chemical found in car exhaust gases and cigarette smoke, is more easily bound to the blood, so the ability of air to bind oxygen is down 15% in smokers, as a result, the bones of people who smoke lose their density and become more easily broken/cracked and healing 80% longer.


Cigarettes affect the chemical balance in the mouth, forming excessive plaque, making teeth yellow, and caries.

Radial Disklori

The tar contained in cigarette smoke accumulates on the fingers and nails leaving a yellow and brownish color.

Gastric ulcer

Tobacco consumption decreases resistance to bacteria that cause stomach ulcers, also minimizing the ability of the stomach to neutralize stomach acid after eating so it will eat away at the stomach wall. Gastric ulcer in smokers is more difficult to cure.

Buerger's disease

The disease occurs due to inflammation of the venous arteries and main nerves of the foot which results in obstruction of blood flow and if left untreated will lead to gangrene (death of body cells) so the patient needs to be amputated.

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