Drinking Three-Glass of Milk A Day Can Prevent Obesity

As we know, milk has been considered as a barrier for those who want to have an ideal body and reduce their weight. In fact, they also blame milk as a cause of obesity.

How to prevent obesity

I think we must correct it because it is the wrong assumption. A study released in 2016 finally broke this assumption, the consumption of three glass composes of milk a day can actually reduce the risk of obesity by 13 percent compared to those who only consume milk one glass or less. So if people think about obesity because most drinking of milk is wrong.

What's make this assumption goes wrong?

Milk has a composition of fatty acids in the unique milk that is in the form of odd and complex chains, and this composition can reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus doubled if you consumed routinely

Trans fatty palmitoleate acid decreased triglycerides 19%, insulin 9.1%, and systolic blood pressure 2.4mmHg. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 21%, for every 5 grams a day of Trans fatty palmitoleate acid

With these results, we can say if milk is actually not an enemy for our health but could be one of our efforts to reduce the risk of cardiovascular, diabetes,  obesity, to high blood pressure. This can be obtained if we consume milk and dairy products in the right dosage.

Ok guys, from now on, don't be afraid to drink milk

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